Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why do I bother?

Being broke and feeling without hope, then hocking my wedding ring to start in an MLM biz, going to work on it- earning millions, discovering the value of time beyond any income amount one can earn, taking a risk on my own ability to perform and 'what if it did work', got results. But recognizing that I had options, CHANGED MY LIFE!

I'm a wife, mother & Grandmother & passionate about life & living it with JOY. Home biz owner, writer & speaker. I am all about encouraging people to discover the desires of their heart & pursue THAT!

Some of my favorite things to ponder: Desires of the heart. Living a life of abundance centered around your passion. Achieving the dream. The precious gift of today.

I am a full time stay at home mompreneur.

I speak to men and women of all backgrounds, who are interested in discovering and pursuing the desires of their heart, pushing through the obstacles to live life on their own terms.

To help them figure out their WHY 'to do', not the how to do. One reason why 'to' is all that is needed regardless of the long list of reasons why not to do.

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