Monday, February 2, 2009

From my former Pastor and dear friend about the baby bunny during 3rd quarter of the superbowl!

Super-Bowl with a supernatural twist.
Ron & Donna
We were at Tom & Colleen's house (our Daughter & Son in Law) to watch the big game. But another event, on a collision course with this one, started on Friday night. When Tom & Colleen let their dogs out that night, they sniffed out a little rabbits nest built up against the house, and immediately ravaged it.

In the nick of time, the lone resident, a baby bunny was rescued. As cute as it was scared, it was immediately adopted as part of the family. Over the next 24 hrs, the little bunny seemed to adopt everyone back. It made itself at home, began to eat and loved being held. Everyone was in love... especially Autumn & Lilly, my 3 and 5 yr. old Grand-Daughters. It was the beginning to an ideal "happy ever after" story. -

That is until crisis struck during the 3rd quarter of Super-Bowl XLIII. The bunny (Now better known as "Hoppy") was being played with in the bathroom, when he discovered a building deficiency... a tiny hole about 1" X 2" under the kick-plate of the vanity leading to a void between the cabinet and the bathroom wall. Hoppy was trapped in the wall! Pandemonium broke out: 4 adults, a teenager and 2 distraught little girls were perplexed over what to do. Tom & I began discussing where to cut; the wall or the cabinet? Should we cut through the bathroom wall or the adjoining closet? What do we use so as not to hurt Hoppy? Could he live through the night in there?
About this time, Autumn went whizzing by saying "I need a moment alone." A short while later she re-appeared saying "I went and prayed." I don't know what everyone else was thinking, but I'm embarrassed to say that I thought "Oh that's nice honey, but if you were older you'd understand we need to rescue this bunny right now" As Tom & I were laying on the floor racking our brains over what to do next, out pokes Hoppy's head, then the rest of him sort of pops out. Coincidence? -...Did you know that there is no Greek or Hebrew word for coincidence? The most limitless language on the planet, way more words to express anything than we have...yet nothing for coincidence. No my friend, answered prayer often looks like coincidence - But in Kingdom living, there is no such thing!
We were ready to attack with saws, Autumn attacked with prayer, and you see who was more effective.
Now I know you're so holy you glow in the dark and you levitate when you pray, and praying would have been the first thing that you did too, but I just didn't think to go there.
The Associated Press has said that the big game "was arguably the most exciting Super Bowl ever." I know it was for me. I had an epiphany; and it didn't have anything to do with what was on the T.V. - This Bible teacher was taught a powerful lesson during Super Bowl XLIII: A 5 yr. olds trust in Jesus beats a 51 yr. olds wisdom!
Every time!

·And a little child shall lead them. Isa 11:6
·If you ask anything in My name, I will do it. John 14:14
·That your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. 1 Cor 2:5
·Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matt 18:4-5 4

Prayer: "God, please forgive me for all the times I rely on me and not you. Please Jesus, be with me all day in everything I do. Help me to go for prayer instead of saws in every situation, especially when it comes to dealing with people. I ask today, for my Grand-Daughter Autumn's faith. In Jesus name, Amen!"
Win the "Big Game" Jesus!
Make it count,
Ron Kutinsky

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