Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quality or Quantity, or BOTH?

about "Why TweeterGetter Struck a Chord -" from a very smart lady I met on Twitter,

I agree here. I have been in network marketing since Sept. 1987. In 87, I sponsored only 18 people total... by 1994, just 7 yrs later, still not more than 25 people that I had sponsored... and my organization had grown to over 30k people in N. America and Europe. My earnings in the millions and friendships that to this day are just...priceless!

I would say that quality rules out here..and due to the success of influencing a few, who influence a few, who in turn, influence a few, the quality created a quantity of quality!
Don't get me started preachin' LOL. Press on with passion!

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