Monday, February 2, 2009

Working at Home/Network Marketing

People come and people go in everything. Those who succeed in our industry are successful in impacting a few people who impact a few, who impact a few, & they build a large consumer network, now being fueled by "social networking" which I love, develop leaders, touch lives, show people that they matter and build relationships. Life is great! I am enjoying my journey with Arbonne. My experience with Arbonne has been and is a huge positive for me and my family and growing team. ~People who use and love our products, some who work a daily plan of action to build an income.

Arbonne now in its 29th year of business. Just a vehicle, one of many, for individuals who find it a real "fit" for their objectives, to move in the direction of their dreams.

As with any group or entity, someone has to make the rules, and take that lead. Like at church, school, government, corp. america, etc. Not to say that I agree with 100% of it 100% of the time, but I am happy to comply and do my best to excel within the guide lines set.

Press on dear friends and enjoy your journey, for me, I celebrate each person's gifts and differences and know that the world is big enough for all of us. So far, since I started in MLM/direct sales, networkmarketing, my earnings exceed 7 million...and beyond that, what money can not buy.... lifetime friendships and the impact on and from so many!

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